Holy Nights Of Muslim Month Of Shaban.

15th Night of Islamic month of Shaban many Muslims in subcontinent observes a night called Shab E Barat. They claim that it’s a blessed night and has great importance In Islam, May 22, 2016, Photo by Yasir Kazmi, Karachi, Pakistan.

Shaban al-Moazzam is a month of high excellence and is dedicated to the Leader of the Prophets, Muhammad (saw). He used to keep fasts during this month and join it with the month of Ramadhan al-Mubarak. He used to say, “Sha’ban is a month dedicated to me. Whoever keeps one fast during my month will definitely go to heaven”.

It is recommended to give alms in this month even if it is as small as a half date. Almsgiving in this month brings about rescue from Hellfire. In this respect, it has been narrated that when Imam Ja’far Sadiq (as) was asked about the merits of observing fasting in Rajab al-Murajab, he answered, “Why do you not ask about the merits of observing fasting in Sha’ban.” “What is then the reward of him who observes fasting on one day in Sha’ban, Son of the Messenger of Allah?” asked the narrator. Imam Ja’far Sadiq (as) answered, “The reward will be Paradise. I swear it by Allah (SWT).” The narrator then asked again, “What are the best deeds that should be done in the month of Sha’ban.” Imam Ja’far Sadiq (as) answered, “Almsgiving and seeking forgiveness are the best deeds in Shaban al-Moazzam. Verily, if anyone of you gives alms in Sha’ban, Almighty Allah (SWT) will breed those alms in the very same way as you breed your small camels. Hence, these alms will be as huge as Mount Uhud on the day of Resurrection.”
The night of records, the night of assignment and the night of deliverance, and the observance involves a festive nightlong vigil with prayers. In some regions, this is also a night when one’s deceased ancestors are commemorated.  Many people specially kids also do fireworks on roads and disturbs other people. People also claim that our luck is also decided on this night.
Shiite Muslim also celebrate 15th Shaban as the birth date of 12 Imam Al-Mehdi who is still alive and with ALLAH. Shaban is the month of asking for forgiveness of sins, giving alms, charity and fasting. Prophet Muhammad (saw) used to observe fasts during the whole month. Imam Zainul Abideen (as) has said: “Whosoever is in love with Prophet Muhammad (saw), wishes to seek nearness to Allah (SWT) and receive His bounties, favors and rewards in this world and in the hereafter, must connect Shaban with Ramadan in the matter of fasting and special prayers”.


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