Urban Poverty: Children without Education.

Children standing and waiting for crossing the road with bangles for sale, Photo by Yasir Kazmi, Karachi, Pakistan.

There are 6.2 million children in the province who are presently out of school, Being the sixth largest population of the world, Pakistan still has a lot of progress to make towards providing education for its citizens. “Globally, Pakistan ranks second with the most out-of-school children, behind Nigeria. Even though Sindh is the most urbanised province, out of the 12 million children here 6.2 million are out of school and more than half of them, around 3.4 million, are girls.
There is also a greater likelihood that out-of-school children will indulge in unlawful activities when they grow up since the monetary returns from legitimate work for them are lower and they are usually less active members of the community.
If children are not educated then, on the one hand, the nation loses the potential economic contribution in terms of skilled labour, value addition and social development, while on the other, it faces negative consequences in terms of potential future lawbreakers. By providing these children with educational opportunities at an age when they are prone to adapt to what they learn, we may be able to tackle many social problems. Education indeed has a great potential towards making our children future assets for the nation.


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