The Taste of Karachi: Traditional (Halwa Puri) Break Fast.











Karachi is a paradise. A place where everyday becomes a discovery. I am not saying this because I’m a Karachiite but I’ve been truly in love with this city. This diversity gives Karachi its own identity. An identity which differs it from the rest of the Pakistan. An identity which makes Karachi one of the most interesting civilizations on the globe today, Photo by Yasir Kazmi Karachi, Pakistan.




Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. Karachi, at the southern edge of the country, is the financial and cultural capital of Pakistan. Home to a population of 18 million from all parts of the country, Karachi is termed as Mini Pakistan because of its widely diverse population. In addition to its diversity, Karachi has everything it takes to entice you for a visit. Here are the five major reasons why I would love to be your host in Karachi. 


ImageThe diversity in the population of Karachi has resulted into the development of a mixed culture. This diversity has produced its own taste. The Taste of Karachi. The cuisine of Karachi consists of tastes from the four provinces of Pakistan as well as the Indian cuisines. In addition to these, Karachi also has every dish from around the world. Wake up and give yourself a blasting breakfast of Halwa Puri. Soothe yourself with a refreshing glass of Lassi. Enjoy the spices of Biryani or have Gulab jaman as desert. Fill your mouths with gol gappa or kill the afternoon heat with a Faluda. You can never have enough of these delicious Karachiite delights.


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