Working Women (Maasi) in Karachi.

Working Women (Maasi) in Karachi.

Fatima an aged woman working in home as maid. Her duties are to clean and wash floors with the help of broom/ piece of fabric also washing crockery. She gets only 2000 Rupees, (20.95 Us dollar) per month per home, Photo by Yasir Kazmi, Karachi, Pakistan.

The women of Pakistan have always experienced disadvantage
relative to men of the same class. Social, cultural and religious factors
have reduced the number of women entering the job market.
Throughout the history of Pakistan, Muslim women have suffered a
great deal of unnecessary restrictions due to the misconceptions of Islam.
Women are brought up to believe they should stay within the four walls of
their homes and avoid any contact with men they are not related to. These
misconceptions are still prevalent in the society, and women, particularly
working women, face lots of problems. This is not just the subject of
discreet debate; these days it is a topic arousing impassioned argument and
ideological fervor. Nor is the controversy limited just to the Muslim
population: everyone has an opinion.

Much has changed in the last decade, but even in urban areas, when a
woman travels to work, she must still be ready for stares and rude remarks
from strangers. The influx of women entering the job market has brought
about a certain level of change in public attitudes and promoted
acceptance of women’s professional potential. Many employers prefer
women for certain jobs, since they are thought of as and expected to be
obedient and docile. Still, most people simply assume that working
women do not possess good characters.


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