Traffic Rules Violations in Karachi.

Traffic Rules Violations in Karachi.

Karachiites are suffering from variety of problems. Terrorism, water scarcity, high prices, pollution, unemployment; there is no dearth of problems when it comes to Karachi, Karachi have claimed around 500 lives, in just two months, as ambulances could not find way to the city hospitals, due to choked roads, I do not understand why traffic police always failed to control the traffic flow and most of traffic police even not performing their duty that is the root causes of traffic jam.

The main problem is corrupt police and traffic mafia and increasing number of vehicles. One more problem which should be highlighted here is the reckless driving of bus drivers. Bus drivers usually drive very fast which causes accidents. They stop their buses anywhere without any stop to pick up passengers which creates problems for the vehicles coming from behind.

The transport mafia of Karachi managed to destroy the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) back in 1960s and gained absolute hold over the transport system of the city. The rickshaw drivers also do not care much about the traffic rules and have become a major reason of traffic jams and accidents. A lot of drivers, motorcyclists in particular, do not care of traffic signals and traffic laws. They are always in a hurry and this haste also sometimes proves to be the cause of dangerous accidents. Traffic hazards have become common in Karachi and the concerned authorities should take strict and quick action to solve this problem for good.

Reasons of traffic jam are that we have no patience and always in hurry. When traffic jammed than watch how Pakistani driving car or riding bike worst than animal, even we have wisdom as human being but acted like totally un-educated people. Majority of us do not flow the traffic rules and more eager how to violate and brake the law but punishment always award to innocent by the Traffic Police.
Our traffic police take position or standing where they can catch the innocent who perhaps make violate of law not intentionally but no mercy from the traffic police.

Sorry to say we Pakistani do not learn to wait in traffic signal when it is red but happily wait in traffic jam this is foolishness example only available in our country.


3 thoughts on “Traffic Rules Violations in Karachi.

  1. Kazmisahib, I’ve enjoyed your blog very much. Yours is one of the blogs I nominated for Blog of the Year. Please stop by and see the nominations and the rules for nomination.
    Warmth and Peace.

    1. Robert 🙂

      Thank you so much for such great appreciation it is an Oscar award for me that a single human can feel them whatever I want to show.
      I am grateful and uncountable thank that you recommend my blog it is really an honor for me :).
      May GOD always bless you with excellent HEALTH and Wealth.

      best regards


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