Sufism: Purification of the Soul.

Sufism: Purification of the Soul.

Sufism or Tasswauf (Spirituality/ Spiritualism) is the medium which help practitioner for strong connectivity with God. Images of a Tomb where people come and gather for gaining spiritual powers with the help of Famous Sufi BABA MISRI SHAH, Photo by Yasir Kazmi, Karachi, Pakistan.

Sufism is a science whose objective is the reparation of the heart and turning it away from all else but God as per Classical Tasawwuf (Spirituality) Scholar. The typical early Sufi lived in a cell of a mosque and taught a small band of disciples. The extent to which Sufism was influenced by Buddhist and Hindu mysticism, and by the example of Christian hermits and monks, is disputed, but self-discipline and concentration on God quickly led to the belief that by quelling the self and through loving ardour for God it is possible to maintain a union with the divine in which the human self melts away.
To enter the way of Sufism, the seeker begins by finding a teacher, as the connection to the teacher is considered necessary for the growth of the pupil. The teacher, to be genuine, must have received the authorization to teach from another Master of the Way.
in an unbroken succession leading back to Sufism’s origin with Muslims Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H, It is the transmission of the divine light from the teacher’s heart to the heart of the student, rather than of worldly knowledge transmitted from mouth to ear, that allows the adept to progress. In addition, the genuine teacher will be utterly strict in his adherence to the Divine Law. Scholars and adherents of Sufism are unanimous in agreeing that Sufism cannot be learned through books. To reach the highest levels of success in Sufism typically requires that the disciple live with and serve the teacher for many, many years.
The spread of Sufism has been considered a definitive factor in the spread of Islam, and in the creation of integrally Islamic cultures, especially in Africa and Asia. Persian Sufi poets and philosophers such as Rumi and Attar of Nishapur greatly enhanced the spread of Islamic culture in Anatolia, Central Asia, and South Asia. Sufism also played a role in creating and propagating the culture of the Ottoman world, and in resisting European imperialism in North Africa and South Asia.
The devotional practices of Sufis vary widely. This is because an acknowledged and authorized master of the Sufi path is in effect a physician of the heart, able to diagnose the seeker’s impediments to knowledge and pure intention in serving God, and to prescribe to the seeker a course of treatment appropriate to his or her maladies. The consensus among Sufi scholars is that the seeker cannot self-diagnose, and that it can be extremely harmful to undertake any of these practices alone and without formal authorization.


7 thoughts on “Sufism: Purification of the Soul.

  1. Lovely post! A friend of mine, who thinks of herself as a devout Muslim, things of Sufi’s being the worst heretics on the planet. It’s a lost discussion but so is the discussion when people either say that every thing came from their book(s) or say that they are not influenced by anything other but their religious scriptures. The truth is always somewhere in the middle and personally I don’t think it matters. What is truth anyways..

    “It is the transmission of the divine light from the teacher’s heart to the heart of the student, rather than of worldly knowledge transmitted from mouth to ear” I love this part. There is this poem by Bulleh Shah, Aik Alif..

    no matter the books.. what is the point if we can’t read ourselves.

    1. Thank you so much Purnimodo.

      Let me Tell you one thing and it is very simple that Shariyat (Islamic tradition) have Bounding (Demarcations) but Spiritualism (Tareeqat) (The Way) gives you freedom to fly, freedom of practice but with ethics and demarcations in itself.
      Sufism is not just for Muslims and Sufism is nothing to do with Extremism. Spiritual as I said is the way to Find whatever truth is and truth is GOD and every thing is false.

      ALLAH Says is Qur’an “I made human races and group bcos of Identity” Like Africans are black, Asian are semi colors, etc.

      No one have authority whatever he or she is so called Devout Muslim to mention any thing wrost because they and no one have authority to say things about any thing. We are all just here for our duties and most of us are not doing our duty and just interrupting each other. Trying to prove wrong and pointing out each and other.

      Anyways Life is too short for use less practices. I believe that Happiness, Smile on ur face is a biggest revenge for our own enemy.


      Yasir Kazmi

  2. Yes I agree with you. Also.. in the case of my friend I could have said devout Hindu, devout christian, atheist etc. etc… It’s tiresome at times that people pass judgments while there is absolutely no need for making harsh statements. And indeed I don’t believe we’re here to point fingers. Sufism goes a long way back and I find it interesting how it manifests itself in modern society. I’m not religious myself. I don’t think I’ll ever be but that’s ok… I enjoy reading the works of different religions and with your post I’ve learned a few new things (never heard of Baba Mishri Shah before) and I’m thankful for that.

    Best wishes!

    1. Thank you so much Again Purnimodo.

      In case of your friend You are right every religion have extremist. But Muslim people have kind of misunderstanding that because they are Muslims so they are perfect 🙂 and so sorry to say it is not TRUE. Me to not so Religious am More Spiritual and Yah true I also believe I will ever be ON MY GOD what a strong sentence your wrote deep and TRUE.
      There are Lots of Other Oliya e Karam (Sufis) in Karachi, I will highlight them also.

      Thank you so much for your appreciation Purnimodo,
      It is like Blood Increasing in my veins.

      God Bless you Always

      best regards


  3. nicemail and nice reply, i have a question can you please suggest any Zinda Peer a true stuff Oliya Allah you found in Karachi and pls share also i am very much fond to meet such real person in my life,. awaiting
    Muhammad Ameen

    1. Thank you so much Muhammad Bro,
      Problem nowadays is True people are Pardanasheen and cheaters opened there shops all over.
      There are several Zinda peers I know but They do not meet people anymore. I think I cant help you in it.

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