Donkey Carts of Karachi.

Donkey Carts of Karachi.

Donkey carts are a common mode of transport in the main markets, Photo by Yasir Kazmi, Karachi, Pakistan.

Donkey drawn carriages and carts are widely used in Karachi for cargo transportation for their cost effective reason. We can find them in main hole sale markets Located in old city area of metropolis and also in Shershah’s junkyard which is home of few hundreds shops dealing in scrap items ranging from auto parts to industrial junk imported from developed world to recycle in foundries or to give another lease of life through this market.


3 thoughts on “Donkey Carts of Karachi.

  1. I’m never sure how to feel about this. Here they sometimes show on the tv the dire conditions these animals live throughout Asia, yet it’s a far more environmental friendly way of transportation and it’s hypocrite of me to consume meat and at the same time feel sorry for their well being. That aside, as always love your snaps! Keep it up!

  2. Donkey owners no doubt love, respect and take cares about their animal because they are the source of income for them as well as source of transportation. This is We who thinks environmental friendly but for donkey cart owners they are just donkeys. There are different name for them also which are very interesting. For Example ROCKET, JAHAZ (Plane).
    Thank you so much for your great appreciation.
    May God Bless you always.

    Best Regards


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