Mafia Of Traffic Police in Karachi.

Mafia Of Traffic Police in Karachi.

Everyday thousands of Motor Bike Rider leave their home for earning living and other chores of daily life in Karachi, Earning of these motor bikers are mostly less then Rs. 6000 /= which is equal to $ 64/- per month.

Once it was a famous saying that “It is Hard to find Osama and Parking in Karachi”

Now Osama is gone and Parking left and If luckily you get chance to park you vehicle some where then biggest Mafia of Traffic Police efficiently reacts like Dubai Police just in this matter and Toe your car/ motorbike to nearest Police station parking without any notice or information because Mafia of traffic Police know that Owner of a car will come to us and then we will release the car after taking extortion money or else every one know who lives in Karachi that what happen with the vehicle when they leave their vehicles in the custody of this Mafia. One more thing which is very important to mention that This Mafia of Trrafic Police mostly work on Motor bikes because owners of motor bikes are easy to threaten.

Over All Karachi is full of Traffic problems, tariq Road, I.I. Chundrigar Road, M.A.Jinnah Road, Shahr-e-Faisal, Aisha Manzil, Water Pump and other Major roads have common problem Trrafic jam and this Mafia of Trrafic Police dont have time to solve this issue because of lots of reason.


3 thoughts on “Mafia Of Traffic Police in Karachi.

  1. The Traffic Mafia Lifts Cars upto 1300 CC and not Large cars or SUV because they dont have any liften capable of handling them secoundly they cant be threatned to pay extoration money from people using SUV or luxury cars

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