“THEY” Burnt My Karachi Again.

The ‘city of lights’, My City, My Home Karachi BURNT again. THEY were igniting and looting Shops, Carts, Cars, Properties, Offices, Banks of own Muslim brothers. Those properties are the belonging of their Own Muslim brother. Those Cars, Those Banks, Those shops and those Carts on which poor Muslim people earn their life daily.

Is it the way of the Follower of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W) to protest???

Was it the Muslim way to protest???

Government gave the ideal opportunity to show our strength and we show nothing then violence, killing each other for no reason, looting our own properties and burning them with the chanting of ALLAH O AKBAR, LABAIK YA RASOOL ALLAH.

Peaceful participants of rallies do not carry sticks, Weapons, do not hide there faces.

12 deaths were reported and over 100 injured were rushed to hospitals across the city and unfortunately incidents of violence were also reported at the hospitals.

Our society is not doing anything just tonguing. Every single person who is tolerating regular harassment in their neighbor hood is responsible for this violence.

Every body blaming media for the good and bad image without understanding simply that whatever is going on the roads camera will as it is capture it. Violent Animals were not distributing rose flower, they were killing, looting, burning things. That is what media showed.

“THEY” Burnt my Karachi again. MAY ALLAH punish them as soon as possible.


2 thoughts on ““THEY” Burnt My Karachi Again.

  1. Religion or no religion some people will always find an excuse to go out on the streets and demolish what’s not theirs. Sad thing.. we had a riot here some weeks (no religious, political or whatever reason.. just plain boredom) some of them – even the minors – have been prosecuted and given an sentence already. Still maybe not enough.. but a step in the right direction. The more society/us gives out a signal that you can’t do this sort of the stuff the less people will (hopefully) be inclined to act in this manner.

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